Rosenheim Coffee

Our "Rosenheim" coffee is characterized by its sweet aroma, chocolaty flavor, light body and just acidity achieving the perfect balance that the consumer of good coffee looks for.


Our lots combine the coffee varieties Catimor, Caturra, Colombia, Bourbon and Típica.


We produce specialty coffee, of unique origin. This means that we do not collect coffee from third parties, but that all our product comes only from our own plantation. We control the quality from the seed in our nurseries and also the plant in the field. We personally supervise the harvest, the processes of piling and drying in our facilities; guaranteeing the quality of the final product.

Roasted Coffee

We want to promote our coffee within the national market, where coffee consumption per person is very low, and support the improvement of local consumption standards.

Our roasted coffee is selected from the best batches and roasted with great care and attention to highlight the characteristics that make it a well rounded coffee, intensely aromatic and with good acidity.

Green Coffee

Our production is mainly exported to Germany, country where we have forged good business relationships, based on the quality and consistency of our product.


For this, we carry out a strict process control and sampling of the different batches that we produce during the harvest. In this way our customers can expect the same coffee every year.


CAFÉ ROSENHEIM of Villa Rica, is internationally recognized in Paris, France in the 2nd International Roasted Coffee Contest at the origin organized by the Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products AVPA, where it obtained the Gold grade in the category "Puissant Aromatique Acidule" (PAA) which evaluates an intensely aromatic and acidic coffee.

CAFÉ ROSENHEIM was sent to France, where it participated in a tough competition in which other producers from Peru participated, as well as from other producing countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Indonesia and Vietnam.

The 2nd International Roasted Coffee Contest AVPA, in the gastronomic capital of the world, seeks to highlight the capacity in the producing countries to mix their best varieties and toast them taking into account the best of their potential to deliver a finished product with the highest standards allowing us to start a new era for roasted coffee at source, which aims to double local consumption.

The "Café Rosenheim" is a special coffee, of unique origin where quality is controlled from the plant in the field, until the harvest, process and drying in its own facilities, offers its highest quality roasted coffee to its customers in the Peru.


Contest Results:

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