Finca Rosenheim

Coffee and more

In Peru’s central Jungle, in the district of Villa Rica, at 5300 feet above sea level is located the family farm "Finca Rosenheim", surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes.

The Estate has 100 acres of coffee plantation, which produce an excellent coffee that is processed entirely on the farm to ensure quality and good cup.

We also produce 100% natural honey, taking advantage of the symbiosis between bees that pollinate and the flower of the coffee.


Land of the finest coffee in the world

In Villa Rica you breathe coffee. A town formed by three cultures, the Yaneshas (native of the place), the Austro German colonists and the Andean settlers, united by the passion and work for coffee.

The coffee produced in Villa Rica is a coffee of high altitude where the climatic and geographical factors provide the perfect conditions to obtain a special coffee with an excellent cup; fragrance and aroma to fruits and chocolates and marked acidity.

The Coffee Route of Villa Rica offers visitors an unforgettable experience where you can live the culture  around coffee and the experience of working in the production of coffee where coffee growers strive to obtain a special and unique coffee. To this we add beautiful landscapes, beautiful waterfalls and a great cultural wealth that can be appreciated with the welcome and attention of its people.


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